Thanks to a link provided by Thea, this is my virtual model.

This is me now…side by side with how i want to look by Christmas. :wtf:

That’s a 30 pound difference. Let’s see if I can make it there. :thumbsup:

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  1. thea

    Roftlmao@ the my link goin to some chinese dude site…WHAT YA TRYNA SAAAAAAY? LOL im kidding…awww man u done went and make your model picture all nice looking with ur logon in the middle lol…mines all big and taking up the whole page :loser: …aww yay to one pound tho..least u didnt gain no weight man when i moved from chicago to CT/NY i gained 5 lbs lmao and that sucked! so i hit the gym hard and eat right…it was so hard to man cause its a mexican restaurant like 4 house down from mine…lmao..i hate eating right!:hissy:


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