I keep trying to find reasons to keep me in these last four classes this semester. I keep trying to tell myself that if I can just knock it all out and be done, then I should just do it and get it over with. But it doesnt seem to be that easy. :cry:

Maybe I’m tired, and my professor’s rant on the Declaration of Independence is just really killing my spirit. Isn’t it ironic?

I thought the vending machine would give me some mercy, but I only had a $5.00 bill….and it ate it. :wtf:
F0ck YOU vending machine! Give me back my $4.15 you over sized beast!

My stomach is growling. And all I can think about is…what my mom’s cooking for dinner tomorrow night. Better yet, what is incog cooking for dinner tonight. I can taste it now…

When the f0cking vending machine failed…I headed for the restroom…

….just my luck……closed. It’s 8:30 at night….and the restroom is closed? My brain hurts.
F0ck you smelly bathroom! I have to go pee! :bitch:

I guess you just have to look at the bigger picture…finishing these last 4 classes means that the only thing i have left is the Comp. *comprehensive exam* and the Comp class which is just a review of everything. Then i’ll be done, and I can have my night life back…I miss being able to stretch out after work and do absolutely nothing. I miss coming home and posting about my day. I guess it’ll be over soon enough… But….can you believe I’m considering my PHD? That’s 6 more YEARS! Not classes….:wtf:

We’ve got a few more minutes and we’ll be let go for the evening. I will be running to Lexi. Me and her have a date with a 5 minute drive, a 1 minute parking scheme, and an elaborate dash to the restroom. After which, I plan to lay in the middle of the living room floor…yep……that’s the plan.

Have a blessed Friday & Weekend…

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  1. Thea

    roftlmao@laying in the middle of the floor. Thats too funny. The school thang..im going thru it now and so happy i graduate with my M.B.A in spring ’07’ .l..im now officially sick of school Keep ya head up and quit kickn them vendin machine…umhmm i know u do that when no one’s looking..hey u fought with a midget before, i KNOW u kicked the vending machine LOL!


  2. Bes

    Ayyayya, if you complain to the administration that you want the $$ back, they rarely even try to contact the vendors to see what the problem could be.

    Regarding the restrooms being closed, here also many restrooms around campuses close down because some people who’re supposed to clean them simply put that sign and take their sweet time to clean everything, sometimes taking breaks also.


  3. trench

    man. If I was still in college suffering for a dollar bill, I’d beat the living crap out of that vending machine. I wouldnt be able to let that go!!

    hey, what plugin are you using on the left side to show my avatar and the comments and posts left the last time I visited. That rocks!!


  4. chica

    I know how you feel! Sounds quite familiar. Hold on. It will be over before you know it.

    (If you really want it, go for the PhD while you are single. I’m glad I earned mine sooner than later.


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