I keep trying to find reasons to keep me in these last four classes this semester. I keep trying to tell myself that if I can just knock it all out and be done, then I should just do it and get it over with. But it doesnt seem to be that easy. :cry:

Maybe I’m tired, and my professor’s rant on the Declaration of Independence is just really killing my spirit. Isn’t it ironic?

I thought the vending machine would give me some mercy, but I only had a $5.00 bill….and it ate it. :wtf:
F0ck YOU vending machine! Give me back my $4.15 you over sized beast!

My stomach is growling. And all I can think about is…what my mom’s cooking for dinner tomorrow night. Better yet, what is incog cooking for dinner tonight. I can taste it now…

When the f0cking vending machine failed…I headed for the restroom…

….just my luck……closed. It’s 8:30 at night….and the restroom is closed? My brain hurts.
F0ck you smelly bathroom! I have to go pee! :bitch:

I guess you just have to look at the bigger picture…finishing these last 4 classes means that the only thing i have left is the Comp. *comprehensive exam* and the Comp class which is just a review of everything. Then i’ll be done, and I can have my night life back…I miss being able to stretch out after work and do absolutely nothing. I miss coming home and posting about my day. I guess it’ll be over soon enough… But….can you believe I’m considering my PHD? That’s 6 more YEARS! Not classes….:wtf:

We’ve got a few more minutes and we’ll be let go for the evening. I will be running to Lexi. Me and her have a date with a 5 minute drive, a 1 minute parking scheme, and an elaborate dash to the restroom. After which, I plan to lay in the middle of the living room floor…yep……that’s the plan.

Have a blessed Friday & Weekend…