I guess if anything HAS to go wrong with the upcoming Trip to Costa Rica this friday, i’d hope that it’d go wrong BEFORE we left rather than when we got there, and we were residing in some strange land….

Friday morning i woke up with somewhat of a headache and the sniffles….which turned to a cough and sniffles on Saturday. :thumbsdown: I dont know WHAT the deal is….maybe my body is finally reacting to all of the moving and running around that i’ve been doing the past few weeks without much sleep and rest. I dont know what the Customs policy is in Costa Rica, but i’m pretty sure they’ll have a problem with letting someone who’s already sick into their country. This can’t be good. It’s time to break out the theraflu.

Besides being sick, on Saturday, we drove out to my mom’s house to hang out with her for a while. :thumbsup: We had lunch at BJ’s and drove out to Camarillo to visit the outlets for a little bit…I didnt really feel like shopping much so we didnt really spend time to walk around like we usually do. One thing i did find out though, was that if i wait until July, i can get $100.00 off any new phone from Verizon Wireless being that I will have been with them for two years…..glad i didnt purchase a phone yet.

After we got back home, we decided to go checkout the Longest Yard and Star Wars. He’d already seen Star Wars, but he didnt mind seeing it again being that i spend the past few days catching up on the episodes. The Longest Yard was pretty funny….those gay cheerleaders had me rollin…:lol: …. By the time Star Wars came around, it was time for me to “dope” up again on Tylenol Cold and Flu…..so i left the theatre to stand in line at the SLOWEST concession stand on this earth….when i returned to my seat, the movie had JUST started, so i was right on time. Unfortunately, the medicine started to kick in after a while and i had a hard time trying to stay awake. :( But luckily, he understood…and was patient enough to fill me in on parts when i nodded in and out during the movie.

All in all, it was a pretty okay weekend….i slept a LOT, probably more that i have in a long time…but hopefully it will be worth it and i’ll be feeling better by the time the plane leaves Friday night. Wish me luck!

Happy Monday ya’ll!