Thanks to a coworker and Lonny, I might have an OUT to this Bally’s situation. I’m so happy. I was also able to wake up at 5 this morning and hit LAFitness. *pat on back* I refuse to be grouped with folks. Im gonna lose weight FOR ME if it kills me.

As the month of January progresses I’m starting to realize what I KNEW all along. Some folks are just…instigators for real.

  • Just because someone peed in YOUR cheerios, does NOT mean that I’m going to let YOU pee in MINE.

The part that sucks most about it is that they try to act dumb when you mention the obvious. :pissed: I’m glad that I set my resolutions for 2006. Folks are making it real easy to follow them. But alas, I AM in the grown-up world… the world of money making… and responsibility. I promised myself that I would leave that other crap alone. And I will.
Some folks are just cut and dry. Get mad. Cut you off. You say your peace. You do your thing, I do mine. It’s whatever. It’s not like they pay YOUR bills.
Soooo, in this case…I’ll do my cordialities…and move along. Besides…things are GREAT in my world, aint no need to front for those watching, on this end. :thumbsup:

nijrelljrOMGeeze….isnt my nephew the cutest? I promise, I’m gonna plot to drive to Arizona to steal him. This is the latest picture I have, cause some folks are stingy…lol. You betta watch out Erika! Love you!

PS. I need to start planning that trip, don’t I? I’m slow…i know.


It’s becoming increasingly clear that Incog and I might need to move out of California to get what we want. We subscribed to RealtyTrac this weekend to look at some houses. They list a lot of forclosures and new homes for sale. A lot of the listings didnt have pictures, but we did see ONE that we liked. I’m gonna be doing some more research as the months progress…

Arizona is hot…and that seems to be the only downfall. I’ll be closer to Erika which will be great…but then again, I’ll be farther from Christal. lol I already told her I’d fly her to come see me whereever we move. BFFL! *takin it back to high school for a minute…lol*

*sigh* Where ever it is, it wont be TOO far from California…family comes first…and I must say that I group my best friends in that family group. You’re right, April…TRUE friends are few. Speaking of which, I had a good convo with my spec today…we talk everyday throughout the day, but today was good…sometimes you need someone smart to explain the dumb people. Graduate for real, before you come at me! *inside joke* :rofl:

Welp…that’s been my Monday so far…hope you guys have a good Tuesday!


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  1. erika

    u know what they say, misery loves company… if folx are miserable. they want everyone else to be…

    but yeah, ur lagging on the trip bud… but foreclosures are a good deal, if u don’tmind fixer uppers… but i’m sure you’ll get whatever you’re looking for, whether its cali or somewhere else…




    girl moving away from friends and family is hard… shoot i want to go to NY for law school lol IN THREE YEARS… but im 2 scared lol so i think ill go to USC or osmething,, so yea… that chris brown winner song is my favorite… i also like that “is this love”! and i like ur peed in my cheroes quote…. so true!



    PEE C-O’s NO WAY,,,PEA SOUP VERY GOOD THIS TIME OF THE YEAR. what you know–us old people still got jokes.



  4. Schatzi

    My step-daughter lives in AZ. She wants to come home to Seattle to be with us.. But you KNOW her mom isn’t trying to hear it!

    Moving is a hard decision.. But sometimes it’s nice to have a “fresh start” kwim?


  5. April

    Girl, I had a pretty good Monday. It was my first day of work coming back from the holidays, and you know, there was a time when I was so upset because I didn’t have a job. I mean, it pays $10 bucks an hour, 20 hours a week, but sometimes, I’m able to work 30-40 hours, which is nice. But yep, good friends are hard to come by. If you check my elsewhere section, you’ll see that my daily reads have decreased from 40+ to 26. You, of course, are on the list, because you are a very good online friend, and I so love you for that. :heartbeat:

    So, you and incog are planning to move, huh? I feel ya. Kris and I have considered, once I get my masters degree and get gets his undergraduate degree, to move to Seattle Washington or perhaps Portland Oregan. It’s expensive living over there, but it’s so beautiful. Eventually, we will have to make some trips up there to see what it’s like in reality.

    Good luck on your home search though Courtney, I know, that you and Incog will make awesome choices… you always do.


  6. Sunnchine

    Good luck on the home front. I’ve been thinking of getting into RE investing. Or getting a foreclosure or “fixer-up-er”, rehabbing it, and selling it for profit. May be a good way to make some extra cizzash ya know :) :thumbsup:


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