Courtney is a Social Media Marketing & Branding Consultant in Los Angeles, CA who is constantly utilizing #Evernote to #brainstorm strategies and ideas – in between coffee breaks and conference calls discussing social media marketing strategies with clients & colleagues. As a social media consultant, #blogger, #speaker and social media #innovator in Los Angeles, Courtney enjoys analyzing the social media impact of iOS apps built by awesome organizations worldwide, and offering alternative strategies for marketing, branding, and customer first social engagement.

A Nike+ Black Level Ambassador by 6am, Eidetic Social Media Coder Geek by noon, and a wife & friend by 5pm, Courtney enjoys exploring and developing social apps that are on the bleeding edge of both design & technology.

In a world where you’re only as great as your last tweet, we enjoy making sure that your last tweet speaks to both your brand, your culture, and your geek.

A graduate from the University of Southern California, Courtney utilizes a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Urban Development, combined with a Masters of Public Administration to provide an educated and informed approach to social media research methods & statistics, policy process and policy analysis.

Simply put: Courtney analyzes, creates and then implements social media strategies for both large and small, profit and non-profit organizations all over the world.

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