Since Super Bowl half-time shows are now a toss-up and haven’t been hot since Michael Jackson’s show in 1993, and Prince’s show in 2007, I’ve become a fan of Super Bowl ads. Hell, sometimes the ads are more entertaining than the damn game itself!

So this year, I’ll be watching AND voting for ads on®.

At®, you can vote for the ads you love, the ones you like, and the ones that make you lunge for the remote. If you don’t want to rate the commercials during the big game, simply login immediately afterwards and submit your scores.

I’ll be using the AdBowl® iPhone App to vote on the ads during the game. Something’s gotta keep my entertained.

Imagine that!
My first post of February is about FOOTBALL, and the Cowboys aren’t even in the Super Bowl. But that’s okay, because the Super Bowl will be played at COWBOY stadium, son!

Let’s go Cowboys! w00t!