NOTE: If you try (90 day trial) the  “New” Basecamp, only create dummy projects until you’re sure that you want to upgrade. You will NOT be able to move real projects BACK to “Basecamp Classic”. They are two separate systems. 

37 Signals just released the new Basecamp, and while they’ve packaged it up to look really nice on the outside, there are some underlying facts that you should know.

If you’re already a user, 37Signals is banking on your getting used to the NEW Basecamp during your 90 day upgrade trial. Moreso, they’re banking on the fact that you will create new REAL projects in “New” Basecamp, and will be forced to upgrade when the trial is over, if the project is not closed first. However, upgrading to NEW Basecamp is only beneficial if you’re:

  • already a “Plus” plan user,
  • only need less than 10 projects open at once, or
  • if having fancy features outweighs the number of projects you’re getting.

If you start creating projects under the “New” Basecamp, you can NOT move them BACK to Basecamp Classic once your 90 day trial is over. So you’re basically making your decision when you opt to try the “New” Basecamp, unless you’re ONLY creating dummy / test projects in the “New” Basecamp and keeping your real projects in Basecamp Classic.  See how they did that?

Classic “Basic” Plan to New “Basic” Plan

Upgrading from Basecamp Classic to New Basecamp under the Classic “Basic” Plan would mean that you’re sacrificing 5 project slots for some fancy new features. And if you rely on Basecamp, you’re probably already fighting for project space and trying to consolidate where you can.

If you take the bait, chances are that you’ll need more than 10 project slots, and you’ll have to upgrade to guess what? Yep, the New “Plus” Plan with 50 project slots. There is currently no in-between.

Classic “Plus” Plan to New “Plus” Plan

Upgrading from Basecamp Classic to New Basecamp under the Classic “Plus” Plan would be beneficial because you’re gaining 5 project slots and some fancy new features for only $1 more per month.

All New Basecamp clients are signing up for the New Basecamp, so they don’t have a choice. Which leads me to believe that they’ll be forcing “Classic” Basecamp users to “New” Basecamp users pretty soon – even though they’re saying that they’ll continue to support “Classic” Basecamp users. No new features are planned for “Classic” Basecamp. 

“The majority of our design and development efforts moving forward will be focused on the all new Basecamp, but we’ll continue to support Classic as long as customers continue using it. We expect that to be for many many years.”

The above quote from 37 Signals means:

No, we won’t force you to upgrade, but we’ll slowly squeeze you until you feel forced to upgrade, because that’s where we want you to be anyways. Hence why they’ve been hyping their “Plus” plan as their most popular plan for the past 2 years. Being that “Plus” is more popular, most people will pay the $1.00 extra for the fancy features and 5 additional projects.

It’s not a new tactic – all software companies use it.

Make your decision wisely.