What’s REALLY going on?

Just browsing the internet, you can really learn alot about the state of black women today….

It kills me when I see black women down talking eachother and their “skills” on the internet. And what makes it worse is that it’s usually the cute/pretty black women. Don’t they realize that they make themselves look sooo bad when they do that? When they bring up GOD in their biographies…and how much He has done for them, but in the next breath…talk about how they’ll do this or that to their boyfriends…. :shocked: Have some dignity…or at least keep it to yourself, so as to not make the black women who ARE trying to do something with their lives look bad.

In the words of my pRHOphyte…if you’re feeling offended, remain that way.

sad state of affairs. sad state of affairs. :cry:

It’s Sunday. we just got back from Church. I’m going to go into the living room and watch some football with incog….some of these girls gimme headaches. lol

  • Sidenote: I think i’ve narrowed down my choices of programs for my PhD. Keep me in your prayers.

stay Blessed. :pray: