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Very rarely do I talk about past or current relationships in depth…you all know me. But, over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to offer my friends advice and I’m actually proud to say that I can do that. I’m blessed to be able to have found Incog. It’s true what they say, the Lord will sometimes send you through some ISH to get you where you need to be. And BOOOOI….lol

A friend said to me:

I hate that all of my relationships end exactly the same way. A slow deterioration of phone calls then the complete hault of calls all together. I dont deserve that!

And I dont think anyone necessarily DESERVES it, I think it just happens when two people either grow apart or move on. In this case, I’m glad they decided to move on.

Among relationships and love, I’m blessed to have been able to have the things that I have; Home, food, clothes, water. Even the material things that we can sometimes take for granted, ya know? I’m happy to be applying to Grad School, and I know that if I dont get in, it’ll be okay in the end, because He’s just preparing me for something BETTER. Now I KNOW, I’ll be “Suzie on the Spot” to login and post about how sad/upset/stressed I am, if I DONT get in…but I wont hesitate to write the Positive either.

Anyhow, How have YOU been blessed? What kind of things have you been through, where in the end *by the grace of God*, you came out on top?

Have a good HumpDizzle!


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  1. April

    :typing: Basically, the three best blessings in my life have been my baby brother (14 years younger than me)… now that’s a long story, because my mother actually wasn’t supposed to be able to have Shaquille because her uterus was all jacked up… but I digress… also another blessing (of course) is Kris. Finally, out of all the messed up relationships I’ve ever had, he was the one that God provided to me that loves me for who I am, not just for my body alone. And last but not least… grad school. Those three things have been the best blessings in my life thus far. :sun:


  2. tiffani

    hmmm, this is very hard question for me right now considering how things are going in my life. But like I tell God every night, I’m just grateful for one more day…..that’s another I have to make things better.


  3. Frank

    HUMPDizzle??? :lol: Only you miss Courtney. Hey, it’s nice to see you get open about life and love. (just a touch of course. Always like to see others perspective and takes on them)

    You’re never short on positivity though, right up there with miss Cheryl (PC), but speaking out about your past in depth can be cathartic, but not for everyone. Doesn’t it feel good to offer friends advice when they are jammed up, though? Sometimes I hear, how do you know all of this stuff.

    And I tell them, I don’t. I’m just winging it man. When it comes to life, love, and relationships, I don’t think there is no sage or any wise old man. Every situation is different, and we only pray in giving advice we’ve helped someone stave off some kind of imminent pain, or at the very least, diminish it some, when it does arrive. Loved the post Miss C…..


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