The work ethic has been non-stop, with lulls long enough to shower and eat, and end the day with a round of House Hunters on HGTV.

It could almost be considered sad.
But I’m on a mission.

With the Bahamas trip coming up the first week of November, the goal is to make sure that all projects are closed, or on track for completion the following week… and that all invoices have been paid.

I’m sooo ready for a vaca.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours dealing with design / browser compatibility for IE6. I wanted to scream.

IE6 must die.

It needs to die. WHY even bother using it now that IE 7 is out? Is it that your network administrator is too lazy to do the network wide upgrade? Is it that you refuse to step out of your shell and try IE7? The only reason I mention IE 7 is because I know how difficult it will be for you to grasp Firefox. Internet Explorer shouldn’t even really be an option, but alas…since Microsoft monopolized the market and 9 times out of 10, you’ll have some version of Internet Explorer already installed on your factory computer, I know that for you… it’s easier to deal than to upgrade. My brain hurts.

Alright, let me get back to work…
Still praying for Mojo…