No one ever said it would be easy. Life that is.

I still havent been able to get in contact with Lael. :cry:
It’s times like these where she’d listen and tell me everything will be alright. Or we’d go driving and end up at the beach and just sit there and talk…she’s one of my best friends. I gotta figure out how to find her. :sad:

I registered for classes for Summer 06. I’ll be in class 3 days a week. I’m stepping things up because I know we’ve set these BIG goals. Church helps. :pray:

We bought our tickets for our next mini-vaca this past weekend. Seattle Mariners game in July…good tickets too. I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures. :camera:
I opened a Sharebuilder account under the supervision of a classmate who trades stocks for a living.
I stood in line at WAMU and opened another Savings Account. You can never save too much.

I received a photo of my second cousin kaila today. She’s the cutest. :tearsjoy:

We’re supposed to be getting our leather couches today…:woohoo:…so i need to clean…:bitch:…how is that for a mix of emotions. :blush:

I filed my taxes today too. I owe the government money. :pissed: Damn them. :bitch: Damn Bush. :mad: Damn Condomlisa. :sick: Damn em all to hell. :wtf: No one ever said being in business for yourself would be cheap.

Anyhow…that’s it for the rundown. I think i’ll post some photos in a few weeks. We’ll see. :shocked:
Stay Blessed! Have a good weekend *since i wont post tomorrow*.