I promise I am… only it will be pink.

On the way into the office this morning, I spent $65.00 on gas.

Come on Bush…damn. Can it get any worse?


Don’t answer that…

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  1. J. Dakar

    It’s unreal, and I can’t help but think if anyone else had been in office if we’d all be suffering right now.

    I can’t even repeat what my grandmother said they should do to Bush so gas returns to a normal price…


  2. April

    I’m finally back and blogging Courtney. It’s April from Texas… the one with the little bro Shaquille. You should go to stylefeeder and add stuff so I can check it out. I don’t blog at “Femtique”, so when you get the chance, please update. Akegata Shigatsu means “April Dawn” in Japanese. My name is April Dawn Spreeman, lol. :smile: I’ll be graduating with my masters May 10. It’s been a long time. Can you believe we’ve been online for so long and checking out one another’s blog? CRAZY I tell u, but mad love. :wink:


  3. talda

    lol, a huffy. you’re making me miss my old one. i haven’t seen that thing since i was in the 6th grade! but i feel you with the gas prices. i don’t know how bad they are down south but they’re no joke up here. sigh. i just stop at 30 bucks. if it doesn’t fill up, then oh well cuz that’s all i’m spending

    i remember watching the daily show a little bit ago and they had a clip of bush during his first campaign round saying how $37 a barrel was too much [the price it was under clinton]…i wonder what he’d say about the $117/barrel it’s at now? oh the irony.


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