Yep…it’s about that time.

You’ve seen….the Chicago Blogger Meetup, the Atlanta Blogger Meetup and now it’s time….for the CALI Blogger WEBSITE. :thumbsup:

A website dedicated to Cali Bloggers with meetups:chat:, other non-scheduled events:kiss:, forums and chat….MEETUP DAILY! Get to know those people whose websites you frequent…..:smile:

But first things first…..a domain name…. Coley and I…have been struggling with a good domain name…SOOO..this post is for everyone to let us know what they think the domain name should be.

  • Thursday:

we’ll put all the *valid* names to a vote

  • Friday:

we’ll discuss what we want to see on the site

  • Monday:

the site will launch

So let’s get TALKIN! :typing: