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· Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 in iPhone App Reviews · 0 Comments

Words with FriendsWords with Friends for iPod/iPhone is addicting.
It’s quite sad actually.

Newtoy, Inc really did a number when they created this boredom busting game.

You know how a few people on Facebook have grown addicted to Farmville or Mafia Wars or Mob Wars…?
Well, this is just as addicting.
Except your sheep won’t die if you don’t forget to feed them.
In other words, you play when you can, and the game is saved.
Nothing’s going to blow up or die if you can’t play for a 3 days… or 25.

I used the free edition of Words with Friends until I realized that the advertisements that came along with it were stopping me from getting in some valuable play time. I purchased the paid version of Words with Friends a few days later. (ha!)

You can play with random folks, people that you know, or play with someone sitting next to you by passing your ipod/phone back and forth. Either way it goes, it keeps you busy when you’re bored, and keeps you from doing your work when you should be.

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