Using 43 Things for Goal Setting in the New Year | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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Last year was an interesting year for me. I learned a lot about my health and myself. I learned about the things I do like, as well as the things that I don’t like; whether it was about myself or the people around me.

I’m not setting a New Years Resolution. It never works for me. I end up selecting either one bad thing or creating a list of things that I won’t do, instead of things that I will do. The list of “wonts” just never works for me.

So, I’m doing things a little differently this year. I’m setting some goals that I’d like to meet this year. And then I’m going to make the strides to reach them. I’m creating my list of goals in my 43 Things ( account. And I’ll be checking in each week to either check a goal off, add a goal, or remind myself of the goals I’ve set.

I like 43 Things because I can check the list from the web or from my BlackBerry and iPhone. I can even modify that list on the go. I’m even able to write notes on each goal and receive comments and cheers from friends on Facebook. My notes will be the steps I’ve taken as I’ve taken them. I can even edit a progress slider to indicate how far I’ve gotten in reaching each goal. 43 Things makes goal setting much easier.

My goals will be short term goals that I can reach; goals that I can see and almost touch. Ya see, it’s easy for me to set the goals and get things in motion, but I have a hard time with the follow through. The largest goal that I have set by far is to follow through on the goals that I set in motion.

This year will be better.
I’ve got a primer now.

Let’s go.

Caps Lock on the BlackBerry Bold 9650 | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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One of my favorite quick tips…
This was gonna drive me crazy. Lol.

To turn on NUM lock – Press Alt key and the Left Shift key.

To turn off NUM lock or CAP lock – Press the Shift key.

To turn on CAP lock – Press Alt key and the Right Shift key.


How-To: Windows 7 Shortcuts | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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I don’t hate Windows 7 as much as I hated MoJo-JoJo (read: Windows Vista).

So I had to learn the shortcuts. They just make life easier.

CTRL + SHIFT + N is my favorite. It creates new folders. lol.


Window Management Shortcuts

The full list of keyboard shortcuts includes:

  • Win+Home: Clear all but the active window.
  • Win+Space: All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop.
  • Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window.
  • Shift+Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window vertically.
  • Win+Down arrow: Minimize the window/Restore the window if it’s maximized.
  • Win+Left/Right arrows: Dock the window to each side of the monitor.
  • Shift+Win+Left/Right arrows: Move the window to the monitor on the left or right.

You can also interact with windows by dragging them with the mouse:

  • Drag window to the top: Maximize
  • Drag window left/right: Dock the window to fill half of the screen.
  • Shake window back/forth: Minimize everything but the current window.
  • Double-Click Top Window Border (edge): Maximize window vertically.

Taskbar Shortcuts

You can use any of these shortcut combinations to launch the applications in their respective position on the taskbar, or more:

  • Win+number (1-9): Starts the application pinned to the taskbar in that position, or switches to that program.
  • Shift+Win+number (1-9): Starts a new instance of the application pinned to the taskbar in that position.
  • Ctrl+Win+number (1-9): Cycles through open windows for the application pinned to the taskbar in that position.
  • Alt+Win+number (1-9): Opens the Jump List for the application pinned to the taskbar.
  • Win+T: Focus and scroll through items on the taskbar.
  • Win+B: Focuses the System Tray icons

In addition, you can interact with the taskbar using your mouse and a modifier key:

  • Shift+Click on a taskbar button: Open a program or quickly open another instance of a program.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Click on a taskbar button: Open a program as an administrator.
  • Shift+Right-click on a taskbar button: Show the window menu for the program (like XP does).
  • Shift+Right-click on a grouped taskbar button: Show the window menu for the group.
  • Ctrl+Click on a grouped taskbar button: Cycle through the windows of the group

Extra Shortcuts

Here’s a few more interesting hotkeys for you:

  • Ctrl+Shift+N: Creates a new folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Alt+Up: Goes up a folder level in Windows Explorer.
  • Alt+P: Toggles the preview pane in Windows Explorer.
  • Shift+Right-Click on a file: Adds Copy as Path, which copies the path of a file to the clipboard.
  • Shift+Right-Click on a file: Adds extra hidden items to the Send To menu.
  • Shift+Right-Click on a folder: Adds Command Prompt Here, which lets you easily open a command prompt in that folder.
  • Win+P: Adjust presentation settings for your display.
  • Win+(+/-): Zoom in/out.

How-To: I Love CCleaner. | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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I love CCleaner from Piriform.

CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure.

It keeps my computer clean. I try to run it about once or twice a week; especially if I’m downloading new and testing new programs.

Registry Utility

I use the built-in registry cleaner to clear out the crap that I don’t need. The registry retains a lot of information when you’re installing and uninstalling programs. Sometimes when you uninstall a program, it can leave a lot of crap behind. The registry cleaner in CCleaner clears out that crap.

Startup Utility

Quite a few programs like to load on computer Start-Up. That can be a headache to wait for. Removing the programs that you don’t use often from the computer Start-Up can speed up your computer. It’s a great feeling when you can start your computer and you can do what you need to do without waiting long.

  • Grab CCleaner here.

How-To: Gateway Recovery – ALT + F10 | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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If you’ve got a Gateway, and malware *due to your pr0n surfing* has gotten you to the point where you don’t care whether you can save anything, and you’d rather just restore it to factory settings, go ahead and run Gateway eRecovery.

If you do NOT have Gateway eRecovery installed, hit and hold F8 to get to Advanced Boot Tools to Boot your PC in Safe Mode WITHOUT Networking. Save your important files, and then reboot again. This time use ALT + F10 to get your recovery options.

If you’ve got a bootleg version of Windows Vista (God Forbid) or Windows 7, go ahead and pop that bootleg disk in and click “Install Now” to install a clean version of Windows. It’ll save your old files in a windows.old directory for you to access and/or delete later. SCORE.

I’ll write some Malware Quick Tips soon…

w00t w00t!

Tip: Textarea Cache for Firefox | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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Textarea Cache for Firefox is a lifesaver.

This extension will save automatically the content in the textarea or WYSIWYG editor when user is typing. The user can recover the saved text in the cache window, even if the tab or the window is closed unexpectedly.

The user will see an icon in the status bar when the text is saved in the cache.
Clicking the icon will open the cache window.

Things to do: Sign up for TeuxDeux | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

· Friday, December 11th, 2009 in Apps and Software · 2 Comments

TeuxDeux-Online-To-Do-ListIf this isn’t easy… I don’t know what is.

TeuxDeux is an online To-Do list designed by swissmiss and developed by Fictive Kin.

If you’re like me and you usually have a long list of things to do each day and usually are only able to mark off HALF of those things…unless you have ADHD *hangs head*, then chances are…you’re just forgetting what you’re supposed to be doing.

Well, TeuxDeux makes it a little easier to remember.

One of the cool things about TeuxDeux is that – if the due date of a task is today and you don’t complete it in time (read: ADHD), it will automatically be added to your next day’s pending task list.

Something else to think about: You can manually drag tasks and pending items to any future date. Buuuuuut…your pending tasks will always be… pending.

I mean… it’s just a list… and sometimes…that’s all you need.

I’m still a huge fan of Google Calendar…mainly because it syncs with my Blackberry and my Outlook…remotely…without having to be tethered to my laptop / desktop.

But TeuxDeux might be something you want to look into if you just need a random list without required times.

hmmm. it’s just a list. just a thought.