This morning started off interesting…*sigh*…

I woke up extra early because I couldnt sleep…Then finally when I got back to sleep, I realized it was 6:57AM and the alarm was about to go off ANYWAY. So I stayed awake. I did my usual morning, check emails, check bank accounts, get ready for work… But, I couldnt help but to lay back down. So I did….and I ended up waking up in a panick because I realized it was passed the time that I should be getting on the freeway.

So I eventually got to the front door and realized that I couldnt find my credit card. I mean, what would the morning be without Starbucks. I couldnt find it…and the last place I remembered using it was at SavOn, last night. *head in hands* I lost my last credit card last friday and I had transfered money into THIS account, so I could use THAT card, and now…I can’t find IT. So now..I dont have ANY DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS….

Courtney….only you….

So when I got to our parking lot, I called incog from the car and let out some steam since I couldnt find it in the car either. He suggested calling Savon when I got to work and that he could go pick it up while he was running errands today. :thumbsup: I headed towards the freeway. I got there and realized it was going to be an EXTRA long ride on the 405 being that Sunset was backed up for whatever reason. It took me 1.5 hours to get to work BECAUSE OF THE DAMN 405. *sigh*

Courtney….only you….

So when I finally did get to work, I ran to get the mail, because I knew the mailroom would be closing….I got there and the ladies were being extra nice and let me have the mail even though it was closed. HOWEVER, on the way out of the mailroom, I couldnt get out. And the ladies had already locked themselves on the inside of the mailroom. So I was standing with LOTS of MAIL, and huge headache, in the middle of a loading dock underneath one of the tallest buildings in Century City.

Courtney…..only you…..

So I decided to get creative and use the freight elevator shaft. There was no one around…HEY! Why not?! So i got in, pressed 2nd Floor, the doors shut….aaaaaaaaaand……I was stuck.

Courtney…..only you…..

Eventually one of the guards heard me and let me out and I was able to get up stairs somewhat….on time?

I’m going downstairs to plead with the folks at Washington Mutual to let me have some money out of one of the accounts because I NEED some COFFEE like I NEED a RIGHT ARM.

I hope you all have a good weekend,