You can see them from my back patio. It’s kinda cute to watch in the morning.

It’s like being outside with nature…only…you don’t have to smell it. a ha!

If you’re on flickr…you can see the photos…filled with boxes and un-hung artwork and unorganization.

Sorry…but I’m not jumpin up and down about the Lakers. I only liked em when Shaq and Kobe were playing nice.

Gas prices are still a bust. And I hope something good comes out of all this… Karma is a B. Hong Kong is at $5.62 per gallon. What’s going on with the world? God help.


Been interviewing personal trainers…might have found a good one, we’ll see. Must get the figa back.

Now that I’m done lifting boxes, my back/neck are feeling the repercussions. Urgh. I need a donut for my neck. Maybe one of those airplane neck rests will work. I’ll just…wear it everywhere.

Lemme catch up on the news…