If there’s one thing that I’ve been dreading, it’s the actual refilling of my gas tank. And on the way to work, I realized that I didnt really have a choice. :uhh:

So I pulled into Shell, cursed myself for buying a luxury SUV which required me to have to select 91 Grade Oil, and without looking at the price, stepped BACK into my vehicle to wait for the verdict.
I wasnt surprised.
16.439 Gallons @ $3.299 a Gallon
I was pissed. :shocked:
And I just HAD to select the “SUPER COMBO” CarWash, huh? :pissed:

Grand Total: $61.23

And they say, it’ll only get worse. $4.35 a gallon in New York? Fuck it…I’ll WALK. I need to shed a few anyways.

Have a good Friday, ya’ll! Stay Blessed!