If you could take charge of your life and manifest your destiny… what would you do? Where would you go?

It is so easy to sit back and say “If this or that hadn’t happened, I would be doing this”…

Why not just…do it?

It may sound crazy, but sometimes failure IS an option. I mean, sometimes failing at one thing…opens the door to something new and better. Maybe we should be looking at failure as a stepping stone up, rather than a kick to the side.

I dunno…just my random two cents.

4 replies to “Your Own Destiny

  1. Andrea

    I think that holds true for BELIEVERS more than anyone else. The Bible says that “ALL things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.” So that means EVERYTHING (good and bad) is purposed for our growth, our betterment and our success. That’s always something to be excited about even when the circumstances may appear opposite. Good post.


  2. April

    Totally true statement Court. (rem. it’s April from old skool krisandapril.us)… my new alias is Akegata Shigatsu, which means “April Dawn” in Japanese. My real name is April Dawn Spreeman.


  3. flagyrl

    Your two cents are right on point. The “what ifs” are a disguise for fear. I lived in fear for a year but I am now ready to face and overcome it. I’m quitting my job and starting all over again. I know that God will see me through. Thanks for the affirmation!!


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