We went! :heart: I had so much fun! lol…I havent had that much fun in a long time. :kiss: I’m happy.
We’re such dorks. :heartbeat:

My First Mickey Mouse Hat Mickey!
Mr Toads Wild Ride Strongarm Deuce
I swear Donald said something Now he hears it!

God, I love this man. :woohoo:

Anyhow, that was my valentine’s present. Also, on Saturday, we went to Ikea to get another dresser. My clothes have been finding their way to the floor since my first dresser became full. :uhh: So, while Incog put the dresser together, I went through all the clothes that I had, and bagged some of the old ones for donation. I now have two dressers…not overflowing…and nothing on the floor. Go me. :thumbsup: And Go Incog for being handy with the screwdriver and hammer. :thumbsup:

I’ll post the photos from the photo meme a little later this week, once i get the photos together. I added voting to posts this weekend, but took it down once i realized that people were voting and not even commenting, :shocked: which kinda sucked the fun out of it. :loser: I wish there was a way that only those who commented could vote.

Welp…that pretty much made my weekend. What’d you guys do??

Stay blessed! :pray: