Are you one of those cool people who orders from In-N-Out’s Secret Menu?

You pull up to the window and you order some off the wall sounding burger that your friend’s never heard of?

You think you sound cool, dontcha?

Well…you are. Ha!

But just in case you need a refresher on what’s really on the menu, and what you made up in your head because it sounded good, here’s a list!

My Favorites from the List

Cheese Fries

Fries with cheese on top. Duh.

Fries Well-Done

You know those delicious little brown crispy fries that you find in the bottom of the bag sometimes? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an entire order of them? Your welcome.

Extra Toast

Leaves your bread on the grill a tad longer resulting in “crispy buns,” which is not as dirty as it sounds. Can be ordered with any burger. You can also get the bun lightly toasted or untoasted. Not a good idea though. They toast the buns so that they have some rigidity and don’t get soggy by the condiments.

Neapolitan Shake

All three shake flavors in one delicious cup. Because shakes are so thick, the flavors stay separated.

Root-Beer Float

An old favorite. Yum.


No big trick here. Ask for any burger to be cut in half, and it will be.

What? I like my hot dogs cut up into pieces too. #dontjudgeme