Team: B_tches Get Stitches

QB – Phillip Rivers or Ryan Fitzpatrick: Phillip Rivers
WR – Hakeem Nicks or D. Bowe: Hakeem Nicks
WR – Steve Smith or Laurent Robinson: Steve Smith
RB – Michael Bush
RB – Matt Forte
TE – Brandon Pettigrew (pickup to replace Jimmy Graham)
Flex – D. Murray
K – David Bailey
DEF – SF 49ers or NY Jets: SF 49ers

BYE – M. Colston, J. Graham

My “dilemma” this week was whether or not to start Ryan Fitzpatrick over Phillip Rivers. They’re both failing with interceptions right now, and Rivers is only slightly better by the numbers. But…Fitzpatrick goes against Miami this week. And we all know how Miami has been this season.

I had Fitzpatrick starting this week, but this morning I came to my senses and swapped in Rivers. After all, it’d be just my luck that Miami would have another surge of energy and Fitzpatrick would spend most of his time in the fetal position (sacked or not). And the last time I benched Rivers for Fitzpatrick was Week 4 when I was asleep at the wheel, and Rivers had Miami while Fitzpatrick was getting Molly whooped by the Bengals. We won’t be doing that again, on purpose.

Lucky for me, my matchup this week is 1 in 9 (9ers Finest Fan), and they haven’t changed their lineup since Week 6. Further, they’re starting Maclin (OUT), Sproles (BYE), and Kasay (BYE).