Oh God…..

I just hate the sound of that….lol…

First day back at work means, i’m dealing with a lot of random crap and a lot of random “wanting to piss me off” type people….:thumbsdown:

This weekend went pretty smoothly….i slept and ate and ran. I met God at the gym….but that’s another story for another day…..We drove out to my mom’s on Saturday so that we could give her and my grandmother their gifts from Costa Rica…mom loved the coffee. :smile: We ended up eating at this seafood restaurant in the harbor that my mom’s been trying to get us to go to since before Mother’s Day…lol. When we got back to her house after lunch, she helped me go through some of dad’s old photos that were in the garage. I found some of little Neil *my older brother by 9 years*, but not the ones that I wanted….I was looking for the ones that we took together during my one trip to Barbados when i was 9. In previous posts, you remember me telling you that I dont even remember what he looked like…..and i STILL dont know what he looks like….I can only imagine based on baby pictures. :( But that’s okay…becuase we’re going to look for them again, when incog and I go to paint her bedroom wall……

Alas, the morning started off kind of bad….I woke up in a huff because the alarm went off sooner than I thought it should. And the only thing that stopped me from hitting it harder than i should have, was the fact that i was holding onto my foot because i hit it on the edge of the bed while trying to keep the noise from waking up incog.

I dressed in a hurry, ran into my home office to skim through nightly emails and orders, and then ran back to the bedroom to lay down for my last 5 scheduled minutes before i had to get in my car and hit the 101 freeway.

I got to work early as i normally do…but when i started walking towards the elevator…I realized that the keys to the office were lying on our living room table. :mad: Incog had taken them off when we went on our trip because he didnt want them to get lost and it’s easier to carry 3 keys instead of 15. I just FORGOT to put them back on once we got back. *sigh*

So i had to drive all the way back home in order to get the office keys. Once i got there, incog was still asleep, and i was still half asleep myself, so i laid back down for a little while before heading back out. BEST NAP I’VE EVER HAD…lol

Sooooo…now i’m back here at work….with an hour and a half left ………I’m hoping that UPS will deliver my orders today…..according to tracking, they’re scheduled for delivery.

On Friday, I ordered a sweatsuit from the USC bookstore since i’ll be starting my morning jogs this week….and from Forever 21, i bought some pants, shirts, and scooby doos.

OH and that “DIOR” bag i bought? It didnt come with an authenticity card………so it got sent back and i got refunded. :wtf: SOOOOO, now i have to go in search of a new bag….an AUTHENTIC bag….I might have to drop my fascination with Dior and revert back to Juicy…..still loving their line….still spending ALL my money on them…lol…Anyhow, i found several Juicy bags that were screaming my name…..you know….they just WANTED to be bought…..and although i havent bought one yet….I plan on doing so within the next week or so….we’ll see how the finances look after the bills are paid….probably not too great, but great enough for a new bag…..lol


How do you feel about this one?

Eh well, I hope you guys had a great weekend and an even better week….Happy Monday!