Curious George's First Day of SchoolI felt like I was getting ready for Kindergarten as I rushed around making sure I had my books, and homework. The only thing missing was a “mammy” made peanut butter and jelly samich. Maybe she’ll send me one from Oxnard for tomorrow’s class. :dance: Naptime :yawn:was replaced with a 10 minute break which allowed me to answer my “crack” addiction (Cafe Mocha) at the local “Freudian Sip”. And just like USC, we had homework due on the first day. *aint THAT about a bitch* I have no serious complaints though. Most of the people in my class are 30 and up. There are a few (3) of us, who happen to be in our 20s which is okay by me because it allows me to hear from those who have more experience in the public sector than I do. Most of them hold management positions in Police Departments and City/County Planning Offices. :surprised:

When I first got there, I was wondering…why me? Why would they accept me? I’m probably the youngest one there. What could I have to offer? But once the discussions got under way I realized that I had a lot to offer the discussion being that I’ve only worked in the Private Sector. It was good to be able to compare/contrast the two. Many people were amazed to know that I owned by own business at such a young age and wondered why I wouldnt strictly pursue that instead of working for a private or public organization. I told them, just as I’ve told everyone else: If I was REQUIRED to do what I LOVED, then I wouldnt LOVE it as much anymore. I LOVE programming, and it has proven to be a serious money maker for me, more so than my 9-5. But I dont want to be FORCED to program as a means of survival. I’d rather have the extra pocket money for D&B, Lexus‘ and saving for that home with the pool that Incog and I dream of so much. Which brings about another issue…

My plan was to complete the program in under 2 years. I DO NOT want to be in this program forever. When we were going around the room introducing ourselves, one older man (mid 50s) stated that he had been in the program BEFORE the professor’s hair had turned gray and he is now trying to finish it, and has to take several classes over due to the changes that have occured in the past two decades. I don’t want to be like him. I mean, I have great respect for someone who has decided to get back on the bandwagon and finish up their masters 20 years later, but I just dont want to be finishing up my masters at the age of 60. I’d rather just do it now and get it over with. Which leads me to my current status…

I’m currently trying to add another class to my schedule this semester, being that they will no longer be offering summer classes for the Master’s program. My plan of taking 2 courses the first semester and then 2-3 courses for the next 4-5 semesters wont really work now that there wont be a summer session. So, I’m doubling up. :uhh: A girl has to do what a girl has to do. :surprised:

My mom said something interesting the other day. She said, “Courtney always does what has to be done. You’ve done it before, now do it again.”

She’s right. But on the same token, I know that I’m only going to do what I WANT to do. I have a hard time dealing with someone telling me that I can’t have something that I want, or that there’s nothing that I can do at the current time to get what I want. That usually leads to rebellion in my case. :mouthshut: I’m working on it, but it aint been easy. :pray:

I know what you’re thinking…no more D&B bags? no more random trips? no more shoes? Well maybe that’s not you, maybe that’s just me. :uhh: But I’ll be alright. I’m just going to have to practice some delayed gratification. Pray for me. :pray: You know how hard it’s gonna be.

When I got home tonight, I was happy to see that Incog had cooked. My little chef cooked for me on my first night back in school. :couple: I’m constantly reminded that while I’m setting out to obtain this Masters to better myself, it will in turn make things even better for the both of US. And that makes me happy.

Welp…time to get some programming done. Yep, it’s a little past midnight. But it’s the only time I have to work. If it wasnt for Sherece, I would have forgotten to post. Besides that, my tummy’s hurting for some reason….*sigh*.

Have a happy Tuesday! Stay Blessed! :wave: