MMMk…so how many people are watchin this madness? I know there’s a lot. Lol This New York girl is crazy. But at least I know where she got it from.

But I’m lookin at deelishous (sp?) and she seems nice enough…Why Flav? Has anyone else asked themselves that question? She’s right though. If you looked up New York in the dictionary you would see drama next to her name. Lol ..i mean…if it wasn’t listed as a state.

And I don’t know where New York has been but Whitney and Bobby is…no more. But I’ll give her a pass since this show was probably taped a few months before that.

I’m mad at this boat with the trampoline on the front. That’s hot. Watchin them is makin me sick though.

I’m mad he said “Now you’re steppin out of bounds New York” ..this girl has been “steppin out of bounds since Season 1. Where was he? Lol Oh wait…that’s right…with Hoopz.

The commercial for “Catch a Fire” the Movie just came on. It looks like it might be interesting.

Anyhow…he’s about to select deelishous (sp?) after this commercial so I’m gonna go watch…im glad he picked her cause New York is something else….

Stay Blessed!

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6 replies to “Flavor of Love 2

  1. Thea

    Yep, i knew it! Bootz told it over NY radio now I hear people talking about maybe a lawsuit cause she breeched the contract. BIG MOUTHED HEFFA! I hated her weave with the red and black,, she is too cute to wear that ghetto shyt smh…Me and Ty watched the finale and he was crackn up when he did the flav dance behind Ny’s mom lmao….we was rolling! then i said “baby do that dance,, and he did it in the gas station this morning” lmao! They did a interview with Delshis this morning on hot 97 and she is a insurance claim adjuster..(or agent) with state farm..says she still doing that and aint nothing changed. I just wanna c the reunion show LOL!..dam i never had a long commen on someone’s blog lol :uhh:


  2. Trecia

    I haven’t seen it being in canada and all… I thought the first one was just crazy and to have a second one with that gurl new york was out of control!!! by the way whats so hot about Flav?


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