I know you all remember my Flavor of Love post from a while back…

Because it is ranked kind of high in google, I have a lot of visitors to that post. A lot of times, people comment as though they are writing to Flav himself…

Today, I received an email from a lady TO Flav.

“Snowflake” – Georgie ********* wrote:
Hi Flav, I’ve been watching your show and if you find your heart still hasn’t found real love, give me a call. I know what it is to stand by my man. I lived with the late blues legend Andy *********** who passed away Aug 14, 2004. I taught him to read and write, recorded him twice in the studio and saved his history of audio tapes and stories from the 16 years we were together. I gave him back his self respect and took nothing off the public when they would try to do him wrong. I miss my cowboy. I know age should be an important factor, he was 26 years older than me, you would no doubt be younger. I am 58 and looking for the same sincere love and respect that he and I had together. The last month of his life I was interviewing Bo Diddley and found that they were cousins, that is why they grew up together. If nothing else, I’d like to meet you and be your friend. My best to you in your search for love. It is hard to imagine it could happen to me again, but I too am looking for the real thing, again. He never commanded me, nor I, him. We never even had a fight. We simply loved one another and respected the life we had together. I saved his life the last 12 years of his life and in the end, he knew it would be me that would have to take him off life support. My best to you for I can see you have a real heart. Snowflake

:mouthshut: I’m still at a loss…………..:mouthshut:..hell, is this even real?

Lemme do what I was doing…. Post on the weekend to follow tonight.:curtsey:

Stay Blessed