*written Wednesday – Septmember 21st, 2005*
I dreaded coming back to work today *Wednesday* ….only for one reason a “meeting”. And it wasnt just like any old “meeting” you have with coworkers…it was an Office Building Meeting. And to be more precise…it was a Fire Drill Meeting for each company in the building. It wasnt that I wasnt excited, it was just that I was already still tired and already still excited for the day to be over and yet I STILL had to start the morning off with a Fire Drill Meeting.

But I didnt have my thinking cap on until halfway through the meeting…and The reason i was sitting there was unleashed to me at that point…

In the middle of the meeting they stopped for a break…and I noticed a line forming…..could it be? It HAS to be….

FREE SNACKS!! *stomach growling* *rushing to the front of the line*

But my smile faded rather quickly…..
As they handed me my fire red vest and whistle, I thought i was gonna be sick…:fever:. After the firefighter handed me my vest *FOR THE YEAR* he patted me on my back as he noticed the crazed look that had suddenly appeared on my face.


I was to be the 16th floor….”FLOOR WARDEN”.

Apparently there’s going to be a Fire Drill sometime next week…”God, I hope I’m not here”. Who signed me up for this? I have to…..SAVE PEOPLE? Run from suite to suite, making sure people get out of the “fake” fire?

Well, if I do this…im gonna have to bling this vest out….make it somewhat fashionable…add some glitter or something….and folks better not be lolligaggin around….I’m there for ONE reason only….and that’s to blow that whistle at lolligaggers and talkers…

IN ANY case…..these hurricanes are sumfin else….I just dont UNDERSTAND. First Katrina, and now Rita?

And then i glanced over at Princess’ Blog…

Folks are using the cards they are given to buy Louis V!??! What kinda mess is that??? :???: I just dont get it. Why would you use something that was given to you to buy FOOD and CLOTHING and PAMPERS and MILK to buy Louis V. ? Well that card is probably banned…smh…apparently whoever took this picture didnt block out the digits, so people on the internet were trying to use the card to make purchases. :loser: s

I know I said i wasnt going to post…but I felt all of that needed to be said.

*added Thursday – Septmember 22nd, 2005 @ 9:10am*

Last night was…..well…Over. I got home, rested for a second, talked to my patna in crime, headed to the gym, went to the store, talked to my other patna, came home, roughly cleaned the fridge, put away the groceries, ate cereal by candlelight and proceeded to pass out.

This morning, *thursday* I couldnt sleep, ended up waking up late, and now im here….at work…..and God I hope the week gets better…..:pissed:…Im runnin on empty.

Have a good one ya’ll….:surprised: