Since we were little, we’ve always been taught to stand in a line. We were standing in line to go into the classroom, standing in line to leave the classroom, standing in line to eat lunch, standing in line for our turn at the tether ball…etc. And now, as adults, we’re still standing in lines…at the bank, at the grocery store, and at the amusement parks (grown folks like rides too…lol).

People get tired of waiting. People dont WANT to wait for something. Patience may be a virtue, but who cares? Target has a policy that if there are more than 3 people standing in line at a cash register, a rep must come and open another register. I love Target. They listen to their customers…

But I guess no matter how old we get, we’ll still be forever standing in line. While at the bank today, I was standing in front of an older gentleman who found a solution to the inevitable problem of standing in line at the bank…

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He walked in, ever so gingerly, carrying his fold out chair with cardboard backing. As he neatly crossed his legs and rested his arms on the check table, two MORE customer care reps suddenly appeared from the back. I guess those bank cameras work after all. The line quickly moved forward, and as soon as I was called to the front, the elderly man quietly stood and folded his seat anticipating his turn at the teller.

If only fast food restaurants worked this way…but alas…they don’t.

I assume that by the time I turn 60, I’ll still be standing in lines and quietly waiting my turn. I can only hope that the level of customer service that companies provide will improve as the years pass. Nowadays you never know if you’re going to be able to talk to someone with SOME kind of common sense, or someone who you can at least UNDERSTAND.

It’s about 3pm here, and I’m excited to go home so I can hit the gym. The only thing I’m NOT excited about is the waiting in line to get on the freeway. The 405 Freeway is the devil, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

My weekend was pretty good. Saturday morning, Incog and I woke up early to go running at the park. After, we went to my mom’s for lunch on Saturday and then headed back to catch “Get Rich or Die Trying” at the theatre. On Sunday, I went over to Jiffy Lube to get Abner an Oil Change and to Big 5 to get myself some more Adidas basketball shorts, and an excercise ball. I hated that thing when I was working with my Bally’s trainer, but now that I have my own, it’s not so bad after all.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. May God bless you and keep you…