Apparently I’m a geek.

63% Geek

I’ll take it. It rocks.

I’m laying in bed… in my cute new comfy socks…watching Hell’s Kitchen. Love this show…but not as much as Top Chef.

Before I jumped into bed, I was scouring ShopBop for a top to wear to my little cousin’s Christening this weekend. I couldn’t find anything… which is good because who knows what gas prices will be in two weeks. And unless the top can be used as fuel, I’ll have to do without.

Let’s go Barak!

Anyone tryna carpool to Mexico with some empty kegs for gas? $2.50 a gallon is that new hotness…

Eh well…I tried.

Random: Poor Suge Night. This year just isn’t his year. First he got molly whooped…then he sold out Death Row for 24 million to a no-name joint venture.

what comes on tv next?

*rolls over*