I never got to say it…so I thought I’d make sure that it was at least in bold letters at the top of my blog.
On Saturday after we finished running, Incog patiently put on the license plate holder that I was dying to put on Lexy. Being that it WAS game day and all, I wanted to make sure I had something that said Trojans on the car.

trojans b


Anyhow, I was on the freeway extra long this morning due to several turned over trucks. I happened to pass a man who had his OWN issues.

405conv 1

Apparently, his convertible top was ripped off and he decided he wasnt going to drive his car without it. So he brought it along.

405conv 2

A close up for you….

Welp, it’s almost Hump Day…the day has been pretty okay so far. I woke up this morning to find out that 2checkout.com credited my account for that extra $99.00 that they took last month. And that Adidas.com credited my account for a backpack that I sent back last month as well. I bought it to stick my gym shoes in, but it was about as big as my hand, so I couldnt fit anything in it. I sent it RIGHT BACK as soon as I opened it.

Anywho…have a lovely Tuesday….

Shoutout to Incog: :loser: L for love! *giggle* Love you!