Sorry, i didnt have time yesterday to really write about my weekend…..but I will now. :thumbsup: On friday night, i decided to hang out with the soRHOrs for a few hours. I went to the Regionals Party thrown by the Sorority Regionals Host Chapter. It was cool and there was little to no drama. It was good to see the neos again and to meet the new “neos”…lol….At about 12 am, i decided to leave and make that trek to the ridge…driving out there no longer seems “long”…it’s like….driving down the street since my body is so used to it now….I’m able to zone out and let my arms and legs do the driving.

Before we went to the party, I got to see the nephew… Anthony Ray…it was good being able to see how big he’s gotten since September 6th…lol….the day of new beginnings :heartbeat: …anyhow, Saturday morning, we kind of just hung out like we usually do…watching Saturday morning TV. Before we made any decisions as to how to spend the day, he decided that my car needed to be washed, so we went to his job and i watched him wash Abner from top to bottom…..and even armoral the tires. :thumbsup: Abner looks extra sqeeky clean i tell ya….

After we got back and showered, we went to the Promenade…it’s a good way to walk around and get good exercise while just hanging out and site seeing. Instead of going straight to the Promenade, we rented bikes on the beach and rode up to Venice Beach and did a turn around and rode back. :couple: After that, we walked down to the Promenade, but not before i got my Kettle Corn. :razz: That night, instead of going to the movies, we decided to rent…but you know me…i was knocked out before the plot could thicken….:blush:

All in all…it was a great weekend, and so far it’s been a great Tuesday…let’s hope it stays that way.