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JUNE 2006

Yeah, it’s been that long…although, it doesnt seem like it.
Sorry that I havent updated in such a long time…I’ve kind of been dealing with personal things. Haven’t really felt like posting or photographing. :camera:
Speaking of which…

Last Thursday, I realized that I couldnt find my camera. Yeah, the Canon Powershot SD30 that I had purchased in October. My first thought was “Oh God..what the heck!”. I couldn’t figure it out. I thought I had left it somewhere at work on the day that I went into the office. Then I thought that I had left my bag open somewhere and maybe someone took it. By Monday, I had given up and decided to just buy a new one. You know me and cameras. :blush: I can’t not have a small camera to whip out in case I “see” something. I, of course, still have the big one, but I only take that on trips and times where there is SERIOUS PHOTO-OPING going on. In any case, Incog and I drove to Best Buy and I purchased the Canon Powershot SD630. I like it. HUGE 3inch screen, Panoramic shots, and 8 MegaPixels…super cute and small…But uhh….

Yesterday, *Tuesday* I was rummaging through my gym bag, and found the camera that I lost. :shocked: I’m a dweeb. :loser:
Welp, so the story goes, I’m selling the Powershot SD30 on Ebay and keeping the Newer One. Only those serious need apply.

SO I’ve decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. I’ve visited an inner health center, and conferred with other doctors and I’m SERIOUS about getting my health and body back to the way it needs to be. There are two weddings coming up that I need to definately be in shape for, one of which, I’m the bridesmaid, so I really need to get it together by August. :wtf: I’m on a mission. :surprised:

As before, I dont plan on posting any substantial self-portraits until I “feel” presentable. :thumbsup:

I hope you all have had a great past few weeks! Stay blessed!