Today was my mom’s birthday. So i took the day off like I normally do. Since my dad died, I try to fill the void on special days….

Incog and I drove out to her house this afternoon to paint her bedroom wall at her birthday request and to take her to dinner. When we got there, it seemed like it was going to be real easy, but I guess I made it harder than it had to be. :blush: You know who decided to get creative and write on the wall before she got started, and ended up having to do several coats to cover up the writing. :razz: My side of the wall didnt look as good as Incog’s, but I guess that was because he was doing what he was apposed to be doin….:smile: As usual, he acted the counterpart and picked up where I slacked…..guess that’s why I love him so much….:couple:

We went to dinner at The Outback….perty tasty, I must say. After dinner, we drove back to my mom’s, got our stuff together and drove out to the Camarillo Outlets….It was about 8pm, so we werent sure if it’d be open, but it was….inspite of the overcast due to the beach proximity. I purchased two Guess Watches….(1) for work and (1) for fun….We got back to the ridge at about 9:00pm, and headed over to Starbucks so that I could grab my White Chocolate Mocha and Lemon Pound Cake before heading home….

It feels like Saturday, but I’m happy that I get to spend one more day with my babe before he has to go back to work…


I hope you all had a blessed day, and a great weekend.