Nichole Brought Me YogurtLand! OMG! | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

· Thursday, March 18th, 2010 in Food and Drink · 2 Comments

OKAY…so…today started off semi OK, and then went to sh*t when I realized that I had completely over extended myself.

( I’ve got too much going on this weekend, which means my next two days preparing are like…AAAAAAH! Jesus! )

But then…

Nichole came to my rescue with some Yogurt-Land Yozen Frogurt, and I can’t tell you how excited I was.

I was literally jumping up and down.

I love Yogurt-Land more than I love Pinkberry…and more than I love Top Ramen.

I know these last two posts are about food, but f*ck it.

Thank you so uber much, Nichole! <3

w00t w00t!

Courtney: 2008-07-31 | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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