Review: Bamboo Stylus CS100 for iPad | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

· Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 in Reviews · 0 Comments

Since I’ve been required to draw more and more lately for clients at work, and for my new recreational site (TBA later), I’ve been forced to invest in a better stylus for my iPad.

After purchasing two (2) different styli from eBay, I decided to use my brain and find some reviews and recommendations for best styli used for drawing on the iPad 2.

MacWorld seemed to have the most extensive reviews. But most of the the recommendations I found around the web are the same, in that they rank the Bamboo Stylus for iPad by Wacom quite high on their lists. Next in line was the SGP Kuel H10, which was actually half the price. However, being that I’ve got 2 of these things lying around already, I figured I should just “splurge” a little and get what I paid for this time.

Well…so far, so good. And that’s saying a lot for a company who pissed me off and cost me a re-stocking fee with their original (beta-style) Bamboo Tablet five years ago.

Yep, the Bamboo Stylus CS100 is winning.