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· Friday, December 11th, 2009 in Apps and Software · 2 Comments

TeuxDeux-Online-To-Do-ListIf this isn’t easy… I don’t know what is.

TeuxDeux is an online To-Do list designed by swissmiss and developed by Fictive Kin.

If you’re like me and you usually have a long list of things to do each day and usually are only able to mark off HALF of those things…unless you have ADHD *hangs head*, then chances are…you’re just forgetting what you’re supposed to be doing.

Well, TeuxDeux makes it a little easier to remember.

One of the cool things about TeuxDeux is that – if the due date of a task is today and you don’t complete it in time (read: ADHD), it will automatically be added to your next day’s pending task list.

Something else to think about: You can manually drag tasks and pending items to any future date. Buuuuuut…your pending tasks will always be… pending.

I mean… it’s just a list… and sometimes…that’s all you need.

I’m still a huge fan of Google Calendar…mainly because it syncs with my Blackberry and my Outlook…remotely…without having to be tethered to my laptop / desktop.

But TeuxDeux might be something you want to look into if you just need a random list without required times.

hmmm. it’s just a list. just a thought.