How to Use Pinterest Secret Boards | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

· Friday, November 9th, 2012 in Tutorials · 3 Comments

This post will show you How to Use Pinterest Secret Boards.

Following server maintenance last Tuesday, Pinterest introduced a new “secret boards” feature which limits visibility to only the creator and any collaborators they may invite on Thursday.

Private boards can be switched from “off” to “on” one time before it becomes permanent. But, unfortunately, you can’t hide existing boards because others may have already repinned from your board.

How to Pin to Secret Boards via Pinterest Web

  • When using Pinterest from the web, go to your profile page. Scroll down to the bottom and “Create a Secret Board.”
  • Another way to do it is to click “Add+” from the top right-hand corner of Pinterest and turn the Secret button On.

How to Pin to Secret Boards via Pinterest Mobile App

  • Visit your profile, select the “Boards” tab and scroll down until you see “Create a Secret Board.”

Yep, that’s it!