Dear Nivea: Leave Sade Alone | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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Dear Nivea,
Leave Sade alone.
You’re NOT welcome.

PS. And don’t you ever never ever do this sh*t again…

x0x0, Boon

Set Adrift on Memory Bliss…

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

@christann played my favorite song last night…from my favorite group on the entire planet…PM Dawn. (Note: Sade’s my favorite artist)

I Love You, PM Dawn.

Sade on Ebony Cover – April 2010 | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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And everywhere else for that matter…

She’s currently making her talk show rounds and she even recently appeared on the Wanda Sykes show.

I love this woman.

“Sade: Lets Her Hair Down” in Ebony’s April 2010 issue.

Since 1983, Sade has sold over 50 million records worldwide.

And I think I account for a good number of those records.

If you’re like me, you probably download MP3s all.the.time, but when it comes to your favorite artist, you always buy about 10 of the albums before/after you’ve finished downloading the mp3s.

That’s me for anything Sade or PM Dawn (shadup. don’t laugh.)

As of last week, Sade’s “Soldier of Love” (Epic) held at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart for a second week with sales of 190,000.

I love how she can take a decade sabbatical and come back stronger than any other artist on the planet.

My dad used to say that he was going to marry Sade…

My mom used to just smile, nod and roll her eyes…

I guess that’s what you do when you’re a “Soldier of Love“…

I’ll be buying 3 issues of Ebony April 2010.

D&B loves me… | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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IMG 010 IMG 017 IMG 013

Friday, January 27th

After work, Incog and I headed out to my mom’s house to pick up some stuff she bought for us. Thanks Mom! :high5: Once we got home, I was exhausted so we ate and watched tv and fell asleep.

Saturday, January 28th

This morning, I woke up early to do some work on an essay that’s due on the first day of class (Monday). Then I headed to the mall because I thought that the Nail Shop was open at 9am, and I wanted to get in there early before the crowd. But…alas, they didnt open until 10am. :sad: While I was waiting, I decided to browse Macy’s, and what do ya know…they had the bag that I was eyeballing on Ebay. AND they had the matching wallet. :thumbsup:

And since the M.A.C. counter was only 10 feet away….:uhh:

I asked if they had anything similar to Lancome’s Juicy Tubes and they showed me this, so I tried on several colors and settled with SAPLICIOUS.
I finally made my way to the Nail Shop where the person who normally does my eyebrows was LATE. :sad: I was HOT! And it wouldnt have been so bad if I had scheduled a hair appointment for 11am in LOS ANGELES. :mad: So by the time I got on the freeway it was 10:45 and I ended up being 30 minutes late for my appointment. I hate when she has to squeeze me in to her rotation. *sigh* I ended up leaving at 2pm, three hours after I got there. :wtf:

When I got home, Incog wanted to go look at some things in Pasadena. So we did and now we’re back home watching movies on HBO on Demand. I don’t know what we’ll do later…but sleepiness is starting to set in and it’s only 7:30pm. I’m getting old.

NEWSFLASH: Free tuition at Harvard University

Harvard University announced over the weekend that from now on
undergraduate students from low-income families will pay no tuition. In
making the announcement, Harvard’s president Lawrence H. Summers said,
“When only 10 percent of the students in Elite higher education come
from families in lower half of the income distribution, we are not doing
enough. We are not doing enough in bringing elite higher education to
the lower half of the income distribution.”

If you know of a family earning less than $40,000 a year with an honor
student graduating from high school soon, Harvard University wants to
pay the tuition. The prestigious university recently announced that from
now on undergraduate students from low-income families can go to Harvard
for free…no tuition and no student loans!

Welp…maybe I’ll post tomorrow (Sunday) as well…we’ll see…Stay Blessed! :wave:


YAY for Good Will! | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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SO… turns out…they’re going to fix my car under the “Good Will” Policy that they have…Thank God! I’m just waiting for them to let me know when I can pick up my car. I got used to driving a truck…because it feels weird to drive the car they gave me. It feels so low…and so….wide. So when I get Lexi back…I’m saying SIANARA :wave: to this car.

It’s funny though…On Monday, I cleaned out my closet and we took two bags of clothes to the GoodWill store…:rofl: It was pretty pitiful. A lot of the clothes still had tags on them. Which means, I bought them…and then forgot about them..and they they became out of style. :sad:

Classes start Next Week…and I’m a little…nervous I guess. :smile: Isn’t that funny? I feel like it’s the first day of High School or something. :loser: I guess I’m just anxious because I know what it will mean for my future. :dance:

Anyhow, I was on hold today…and they were playing my sooooong….So I thought I’d post the lyrics here for you. I’d post the song, but I cant find it for some reason…*sigh*…I have to go through all of my MP3s and change the format on it. I’ll do it later….promise.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday!

Sade – Kiss of Life

There must have been an angel by my side
Something heavenly led me to you
Look at the sky
It’s the colour of love
There must have been an angel by my side
Something heavenly came down from above
He led me to you
He led me to you

He built a bridge to your heart
All the way
How many tons of love inside
I can’t say

When I was led to you
I knew you were the one for me
I swear the whole world could feel my heartbeat
When I lay eyes on you
Ay ay ay
You wrapped me up in
The colour of love

You gave me the kiss of life
Kiss of life
You gave me the kiss that’s like
The kiss of life

Wasn’t it clear from the start
Look the sky is full of love
Yeah the sky is full of love

You gave me the kiss of life
Kiss of life
You gave me the kiss that’s like
The kiss of life

You gave me the kiss of life
Kiss of life
You gave me the kiss that’s like
The kiss of life

You gave me the kiss of life
Kiss of life
You gave me the kiss that’s like
The kiss of life

You wrapped me up in the colour of love
Must have been an angel came down from above
Giving me love yeah
Giving me love yeah

You gave me the kiss of life
Kiss of life
You gave me the kiss of life
Kiss of life

Don’t TOUCH My Treadmill | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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Today…I went to the gym…

As i walked in to the gym, i was greeted by staff who now know me as “CE” since one of them decided to play detective and look me up on the internet…*waving*…I like Sunday training sessions because it means there will be less people there and it’s a lot quieter…

Anyhow, I walked over to the admin office, said hello to everyone, and asked my trainer where he wanted me to start. And of course, he said Cardio….WOO HOO! :duh: So i walked out of the office and over to the set of *almost empty* treadmills. There was one being occupied by a black man who was bopping his head something vicious…if it wasnt Ludacris :thumbsup:, it was probably 50 cent :thumbsdown: blaring in his headset. The machine i chose was on the end…away from the black man who was now starting to hum….It was a quiet little spot…..i liked it…I added some incline, set my speed to a low 2 and prepared to get my heartrate up…and then all of a sudden a black man comes up behind me…he has a thick accent…very definitive…..

Man: 2, 4, 24…we’re gonna get you going…2 minutes walk, 4 minutes jog, 24 minutes run……

Me: *turning around thinking “Is this man talking to ME?”*

Man: Yep….2,4,24

Me: Me?

Man: Yep….2,4,24…come on…do it…let’s go…

Me: Are you serious? *looking around for my trainer who I could see through the huge glass windowed office*

Man: Sure am….come on……let’s go….

Me: *looking at my panel…* I just got here…..*looking at his shirt franticly to see if it had a Bally’s Logo*

Man: So? We’re gonna do it…..this is how i get to 26 miles a day….I stay in shape…come on….

Me: *thinking – “maybe if i just ignore him” *

Man: *reaches across the two metal bars that seperated my machine from his*:crowded:

Me: Is he really gonna…..:pissed:

Man: *increases the incline*

Me: He cant really be….:pissed:

Man: *increases the speed*

Me: HOLD UP….*flies backwards off the machine*…

At this point… trainer comes out and asks me if i’m okay….I look at him like “NIGGA WHERE WERE YOU??” Meanwhile, the crazy black man increases his OWN speed to sprint….:wtf:

Me: I’M DONE…NEXT MACHINE, PLEASE….I’M COOL….*shaking hand and head – thinking :wtf: just happened here??*

Needless to say…Don’t TOUCH My Treadmill. It’s NOT nice.

I’VE BEEN TAGGED TWICE *and counting* by mai
*throws a shoe at each* ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves…I was doing fine in not being tagged….JUST FINE.

List ten songs that you are currently digging … it doesn’t matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they’re no good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the ten songs in your blog. Then tag five other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. MH – Sex with You
2. MH – Naked
3. PM DAWN – Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
4. Sade – Cherish the Day
5. Ludacris – Pimpin all over the World
6. PM DAWN – Die Without You
7. Sade – No Ordinary Love

I could only get to 7 …sorry…I was startin to reach after 5 lol.

TAGGING: Coley, Frank, Jorge, Cymple, and Dee

I love you guys, and I hope you guys had a good weekend, and an even BETTER upcoming week.
Stay Blessed.

Please Vote for me for BEST BLACK PHOTO BLOG.



OMG…what a week | Courtney Social Media Consultant in Los Angeles

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WOW….i’m TI-RED….

Sorry, it’s taken me so long to get back to writing….it’s been a productive past two weeks….we’ve finally moved all of our stuff from our apartments into one. It started last week Friday when we moved all of my stuff from LA to Northridge….thanks to incog, i didnt really have to lift a finger….i just had to make sure i was on hand to pack all of my stuff. :couple:

Last week went pretty smoothly, two trips to Ikea…about 4 to Target….but finally, we have everythng we need…and will be getting a few things that we want later, before the House Warming….:smile:

Yesterday, I went and purchased my Digital Rebel XT, FINALLY!!! lol…..I’m not lettin anyone touch this cam… cost too much….lol…they can borrow the a80 though…lol…:thumbsup:

Anyhow, I’ll be launching once i REALLY start taking portfolio shots…today, I was able to launch for all the urban photographers and designers out there….very excited about it. :thumbsup:

We’ve moved and are now in the final countdown to our vacation in Costa Rica….I’m really excited that things are finally coming together. Not only do i get two weeks paid vacation, but i get to spend a week exploring a new exciting place with the man I love….:kiss:

I got a TAG from Dayrell today…..:razz: little brat…..

Five songs I listen to a lot/mean a lot1. Love is stronger than pride – Sade
2. Subject – Dwele
3. 2 Fly – Dwele
4. What If – 112
5. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss – PM Dawn

Hope you guys have a GREAT Memorial Day tomorrow!!