Everyone always asks me why I can’t stand MACs.

The truth is…they just don’t do it for me.

My days with the MAC extend all the way back to 1988. My dad was a computer engineer for the military *among other things* and was always working on 3-4 computers at a time from home. So there was always a computer around. Always something to touch and inspect. Always something to look inside of. Always something to help take apart.

I remember the computer fairs…every first Sunday of the month, we’d go down to the local community center to visit the computer fair. My favorite things to do was to hang out by the game tables. And if I was lucky, I’d get a box of 10 5.25 Floppy disks…sort of a grab bag if you will. It was always filled with games and 1 or 2 educational games. They were blue… I remember that. My dad would buy the blue colored floppy disks so that he could separate my games from his programs which were always on black colored floppy disks.

I remember when we got a mouse for the computer…

My dad was recruited as the IT guy for my small private school. When we’d go to Open House night, after we’d look at all of the cool stuff I did that was on display, we’d always find a way to ditch my mom and talk computer to other cool parents. I remember standing there, just retaining all that I could. The principal heard the conversation and asked if he’d come and setup a computer room for the students. My dad offered to do it for free. *smile* I remember being the “cool kid” all because my dad had all the cool computer games when he came. I also remember having to stay at school HELLA late because he’d come by after work and work on the computers every few weeks. I think I secretly liked it.

I was the fastest typist of all the kids in the school. When they first started covering our fingers with cardboard so that we couldn’t see what we were typing…I always passed with flying colors. Mainly because I’d been on the computer since I was 6. lol.

The mouse was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I remember when Microphones first came out…

I remember when programs started showing up on Compact Disc.

Carmen San Diego was my first and favorite game…

I remember it all…

And you know what?

MACs still suck.


Yeah, they’re great for graphic…I’ll give them that…and being that it’s what I do, I guess I should be somewhat understanding.

PSHT. Yeah right. I STILL don’t like them. And training someone how to use a CMS while you’re using a PC and they’re on a MAC that someone conned them into purchasing is the worst thing on the planet.

I spend my days looking at black characters in notepad. I develop CSS, PHP, XHTML, and HTML in Notepad. I can’t stand Dreamweaver…and if you’re still using Front Page, you need to be shot and stabbed.

If someone sends something in Adobe Photoshop…I don’t use Dreamweaver to convert the slices…I use Notepad, and I rarely slice at all. I recreate it so that I can use CSS more than the images themselves.


MAC can go to hell. Thanx.