I received my subscription to HR Magazine today…and underneath that was a receipt for my Blue Shield Health Insurance payment.

Things are so much different now.

I remember when I didnt ever have to see a Blue Shield Insurance anything except for an updated card every few years….working in a job in which it was just taken care of. Now that I’m watching it come out of my wallet every month, it’s so much different.

It makes you reevaluate things…

Do I plan on having kids anytime soon? *Hmm..let me choose a lower plan…*

What happens if there’s an emergency? *Hmm…let’s go one step up*

I mean, I don’t really go to the doctor’s office but 2 or 3 times a year anyways…. *Hmmm…one step down on the plan right there…*

Do I really need this PPO? *sigh*

Can Hillary Clinton really promise universal health care? Michael Moore credited Clinton and Obama with good intentions but suggested they were too influenced by campaign contributions from healthcare interests.

Watching Moore’s moving SiCKO really makes you look at things differently…

Even if Hillary or Obama are elected…will health care really change that much? And if so…how?

I guess I’m just curious…

*thinking – Maybe I should take this plan down a step…*