After reading Schatzi’s blog, I was reminded that i need to get back on track with this weight loss thing. :sad:

Watching ANTM:7 tonight FURTHER inspired me to get back on track. I could be one of those girls up there if I stop stuffin my face and eating so much bread…..and start working out again. Some of those girls were a little….:sick: My elliptical is collecting dust. My excuse is always…well, i just paid to get my hair pressed…and us black women who dont have perms know that when you get your hair pressed…if you just walk outside, and it’s a tad bit humid, your hair snaps right back into the natural curl. Nothing wrong with it….but it’s a bust after you’ve paid to get it done….and if you know me, you know i like the silky straight.

In any case, my birthday and birthday party are the same day (October 6th). So my goal is *best Harvey impression*….3lbs. :cry:

I’m going to use this as my before photo since it’s rare that you’ll find a full body shot of me :pissed::

Welp…here we go again! Wish me luck!