I can’t lie, it feels weird. :uhh: He doesnt like me to make a big deal out of things, but he’s flyin to Mississippi…and they’ll be driving to Memphis…That’s STILL close to Louisiana. I feel sick.

I pray to God that everything is alright and he comes back safe and sound. I know his brother will take care of him, so it eases a lot of tension that goes along with…the questions of “are they going to be alright? do they need anything? does he have everything he needs?” If his brother is anything like him, I know he’ll be alright. Can’t wait to meet him one day….

Other than that..things are still cool. We went to the Olive Garden yesterday. I’m not even gonna go into all of the diet sinnery that took place. I’ll just say it was tasty and leave it at that. :cloud9:

I received sample #1 of the line. It’s so cute…maybe i’ll take a picture in it and post it….*havent decided yet*. I wore it to work today. :girlie:

The layout is staying like this…like it or love it…I aint touchin it again until the end of September …yeah right.

It’s Thursday….one more day ya’ll…just one more day. Stay Blessed.