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It seems as we get closer and closer to moving (the job), the more traffic there is every morning and every night. Somehow, my 1.5 hour drive to work has turned into 1.75 hours. Something must have happened after the new year. God, we have to get out of California.

I didnt go to cycling this morning. I ended up going to sleep around 12am and when the alarm went off at 7am, I wasnt even thinking about a bike, or about gym shoes. :thumbsdown: All I could think was, “Please God…just 20 more minutes”.

Brokeback Mountain

I’ve heard SO many things about this movie, so much so that I JUST had to edit this post to change the name that I wrote at the top. Somehow, I wrote BAREback Mountain. I blame Incog. I’ve heard so many BAD things about this movie, that I actually want to go see it, just to see the BAD things for myself. When browsing Yahoo Movies, Incog noticed that people either gave it an F or they gave it an A/B. There wasnt really an inbetween. I did however notice that there were a lot of registrations to the yahoo site and a lot of “A” ratings given in order to boost the ratings…:thumbsdown:

Here are some of the reviews from Yahoo Movies:
Typical reality tv movie for shock value (F)
by love_movies_34 (movies profile) Dec 11, 2005
192 of 832 people found this review helpful
The scenary is beautiful, but the movie moves along like your typicaly reality tv shock and awe. This is a movie about infidelity, lies, and shock value. The shock value is that it’s about gay people which really isn’t that shocking now a days. Hollywood should give us a break already and make a compelling story instead of trying to put shock value on everything. If you love reality tv, then this movie is for you. If you’re looking for a heartfelt movie then rent Terms of Endearment.

Bad movie (F)
by christiejhunter (movies profile) Dec 20, 2005
124 of 395 people found this review helpful

Not the kind of movie to promote by any means.
I did not enjoy it, and found it to be sad that the concept of leaving behind your family and abandoning your children and promises in order to have, what is nothing more than an affair with a former flame, is somehow “good” simply because its a gay lover! this is a very bad message.

im gay (F)
by gayisfungay (movies profile) Dec 14, 2005
151 of 648 people found this review helpful
but i think this movie is horrible!!!! ARghh! It reinforces the idea that gays have no morals. These characters lie and cheat. It makes it look like that is the way all gays are! And it makes me sick!!

In any case, maybe I’ll be able to talk Incog into going. *We’re currently discussing how much I hate BEETS.* Things are good Business Wise, Thank God. If it wasnt for the Business, I dont think I’d have extra “play around” money for the weekends. Website

A video for laughs:
:camera:Trunk Monkey
Welp…Have a good Thursday! Stay Blessed! :wave: