As I’m sitting here in my budgeting class, I wonder…
How much is Louisiana’s Budget this year….in comparison to last year…
But…I can’t find it. :mad: This must be a conspiracy. :sad:

In any case, I decided to do my Case Study on Renton, WA. Dont ask me why. I wont tell you. :mouthshut:

The Public Works division of their budget is close to 7 million dollars! :thumbsup: Geesh. I mean, more work for me…but yay for their city. It seems like their really building up.

I never thought I’d like this class, but it’s growing on me. :blush: You know by now that I hate numbers, unless it’s the ones in my bank account and they’re fairly high. I dont like those little measly penny like numbers…with the decimals.:thumbsdown: Give me the big numbers, with the commas. :thumbsup:

I’m glad it’s Wednesday, becuase it’s one day closer to Friday…and we have a 3 Day Weekend…WOO WOO! :woohoo: Got a lot planned this weekend, I’ll fill you in once the weekend is over being that I’ll probably be shot and stabbed if I talk about it.

The carpet cleaning people came and cleaned my carpet FINALLY! I wonder how much they’re gonna charge me. I was so excited to have it done, that I forgot to ask him how much the final charge was. :uhh:

God’s been really blessing me lately…I’m excited to see what else He has in store for little old me. :tearsjoy:

Have a blessed rest of the week..and if I dont post before Saturday…weekend. :pray: