yep….Wednesday morning….hump day….watching Saved by the Bell, like i’m back in High School or something…lol :heart:

Last night was pretty cool, i must say. We went to Bally’s to try to make the 6:30 reaction cycling class, but it was PACKED and we were LATE…there was all kinds of traffic heading down Crenshaw…*sigh*. By the time i got to Bally’s it was too late, so we decided to chill for a little bit and then attempt to make the 8pm class. Man, that class was hot fire…lol…It was nothing compared to Monday’s class…our instructor was something special…*giggle*…but i give him props for working us out. :thumbsup:

I did a hard system restore on my cpu last night and this morning…to get rid of all the junk i’ve accumulated in the past two months. I’m running Adaware to get rid of the EXTRA junk that’s still here….and I guess I need to download WarezP2P soon if i plan on downloading some quality music. You know i tried to do the right thing last night…i paid $9.99 last night to for the R.Kelly album and I couldnt figure out for the life of me why i couldnt burn it …:???: ….and it turned out that they sell you WMA files…not MP3s….womp womp womp. *middle finger to OJ for laughing at me*….

But it’s cool….if anyone has the album on mp3s, perty please can i have it?

Hope everyone has a great Hump Day! Stay blessed…:hug: