Welp, as promised…I started work on UrbanWeblogs.com.

Coley and I first considered having a place where Cali Bloggers could login and meet other Cali Bloggers…but the pull wasnt that strong…Well it was strong, but not strong enough for me to feel as if I should spend hours coding a website for Cali EXCLUSIVELY. :uhh: Truth is, I woulda been PISSED :pissed: if I had spent HOURS away from my honey bunny and not really had a lot of people using it……SOOOO

I talked it over with Coley and we’ve decided to EXPAND it. So it’s not just for CALI Bloggers….it’s for UrbanBloggers everywhere.

You’re able to signup/login and post your pic with your blog and information about it. So people can search by state, category or even name if they wanted to, in order to find your blog amongst other urban bloggers. :thumbsup:

Anyhow, I’d like to encourage everyone to sign up and “GET ON THE LIST!”. We’ll be updating as the days progress, but if you see any errors, please let me know. :thumbsup:

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be adding a place where you can coordinate your meetups and keep track of who is attending and all that great stuff, online. *it’ll take me some time to code it all perfectly, but we’ll get there :curtsey:*

So SIGN UP! UrbanWeblogs.com

Enough of that…..

The weekend went pretty smoothly…Court’s tummy hurts….*yeah, i know…third person….WHATEVER*. :fever: To tell the truth, I dont even feel like going in to work tomorrow…but I guess I need to pay my bills..:sick:…*sigh*….

On Saturday, we went to go see “40 Year Old Virgin” and “The Skeleton Key”.

40 Year Old Virgin

Good movie, I’d definately recommend it…and I’ll probably buy it on DVD. It was HIGH-LARIOUS.

The Skeleton Key

There were some scenes that I had to cover my eyes….I was SCURRED. :hissy: I didnt really understand what it was about in the previews, but Movie Hopping is the lick and it WAS right across from “40 Year Old Virgin”…sooooooo…..WHY NOT? :surprised: Did I mention I was SCURRED? Yeah….I was…..It was just…too much for little old impressionable me. I wont be buying it or renting it or watching it again….had Incog not been there, I woulda had nightmares….It’s just one of the CREEPY movies that makes you THINK TOO MUCH after it’s over. Movies like that make you wanna just go home and PRAY. :pray: I kid you NOT, I was praying all the way to the car, and all the way home….

Earlier on Saturday, I was able to go to the Post Office and pick up my RockStar Tees….FINALLY. They’re super cute, think I’ll wear one tomorrow….

School/GRE News

Before going to the post office on Saturday, we stopped by CSUNorthridge so we could pick up some course catalogs and information on Graduate Studies and Teaching Credentials…..MAN is all that stuff confusing. :pissed: But anyways, I found out that I can take classes without being enrolled and then once I get in, just use those units and apply them towards the Graduate Degree. I’ve decided to just go ahead and wait anyways though until I get my GRE scores. :thumbsup: I’m waivering on whether or not I want to get my MS in Computer Science or Consumer Studies…if they had a Human Resources Graduate Program, I would definately be doing that, but alas, they dont…so I’m going to have to find an alternative. :surprised:

Anywho, I hope you all have a GREAT Monday and a GREAT Week…….:cloud9: Maybe some new pictures coming by the end of this week…..depends on how the clothes are fitting. :)

REMEMBER TO SIGN UP! UrbanWeblogs.com

Stay Blessed!

14 replies to “It’s almost done…

  1. Frank

    Always in full “getting folks together” mode miss Courtney. You’re definitely on top of your game with your creations on that one. Nice job dear. I will be checking out the Skeleton Key. We usually have similar tastes in movies. Happy Monday to you dear. I’m off to sign up in the UrbanWebLogs!


  2. April

    Wow! Urban Weblogs sounds like a lot of fun!! I’ll have to sign up.

    @ GRE: I know how tough it is… waiting for the scores. :sick:

    @ Skeketon Key: Hahaha, you were praying home? Poor thing!! :hug:

    @ 40 year old virgin: I was so tempted NOT to see this movie, and now I want to go and see it. Thanks for the review.


  3. quiia

    Your new idea is :thumbsup: a great idea. I’m going to sign up as soon as my website open back up so leave the link somewhere on your website. :surprised: LATAZ MAMA

    yeah, it’ll be up here somewhere


  4. C2A

    I faintly recall that the human resource degree is what they do in certain psychology fields, like organizational or occupational pysh. I think it may exist but be disguised under another name.

    Good Idea, gonna check that out…brought the catalog to work today


  5. Cheryl

    Courtney?! The Skeleton Key SUCKED!!:sick: It was good all the way through and then it had this STUPID ending. C’mon now, you weren’t REALLY scared were you? The one I really can’t wait to see is The Exorcism of Emily Rose. THAT looks really scary. I love your new layout chica!:thumbsup:

    GIRL…..any type of VOodoO, WHoDoo stuff scares me beyond scared…..ALL the time. :blush:


  6. Coley

    HEY CE!!!! WWOOOOOO HOOOOOO (about the new site) I’m excited! I’m gonna call you tonight when I get off work (around 7pm) to talk it over and see if you need me to help you with anything!

    I want to see the 40 yr old virgin movie, sounds funny. But, I always get scurrred at scary movies, so I’ll pass on that other one.

    Have a good day love, call you later!!!

    Smooches, coley :smile::smile::smile:


  7. ceecee

    You forgot the about section on UW.com!!
    That’s the first page I always click over to if I don’t find a suitable explanation on a webpage.
    Goodluck with your GRE girl, my tummy is in knots for you already, just cos I know i’m going to go thru the same thing. I know you already have a job, but research (on monster.com) job availablity in the tracks you’re interested in.


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