Not sure how many days, but I know it’s been a WHILE since my last post. Let’s see…Christal’s birthday was the 18th, and I posted two days after that making it the 20th, and today is the 28th, so…8 days, huh. :uhh:

I guess I’m at a point where…”I dont know” seems to be the magic phrase. Sometimes I wonder what keeps me pushing. I got a lot on my shoulders. You ever just wanted to stop and say….”I WANT OFF”! or even just stay in bed and pull the covers up and just pray that the next day you’ll actually WANT to get up? :surprised:

I found this old picture when I was browsing the computer last night. What’s weird is that I remember that day. It was a very cool day, and I was about to get ready to chill at home. I was always one to find joy in relaxing. Never really wanting to go out TOO much. I hated LA. It was so BLAH to me…I couldnt wait to move. I used to lay on my bed and watch old TV shows. A typical Saturday for me was actually just sleeping and watching tv throughout the day. That for me was enough.

Where am I going with this…

Right now, I wish a lot of things. I wish a lot of things would happen. I wish a lot of things would just BE. I’m starting to grow closer to God, and it’s almost scary because I’m CATCHING myself before I do something, or say something. When you ask for God’s guidance, he really DOES guide you. I just hope that what I want, and what I wish, will somehow come to fruitation. Better yet, I hope that what I want and what I wish, will be God’s will. :pray:

Have a Blessed Tuesday you guys….