Last Night was cool…After work, I headed home on the slow-0-5 and finally reached there at about 6pm. I talked to Christal the whole way home. :) My patna in crime…lol. We hadnt talked like that in a few weeks and it felt good to listen and be heard.

After that, I headed over to the gym to get my good workout in. But I got “punished” :pissed: for not coming in the day before *Wednesday*…eh well. everyone needs a good kick in the pants every once in a while. Keeps ya stamina up. *giggle*

me and some of the sorors & the bruhs….Quefest 2004

After that I headed home to get some work in because I knew that I was going to be doing LITTLE TO NO work this weekend. Around 10pm we headed out to Step Practice for the Fall 2005 Yardshow at USC. It was good to see my sands and sorors again. :grouphug: I’m kind of out the loop now that I live about 30-45 minutes away and we’re all so busy and ….well, GROWN. :girlie:

We grabbed a quick bite at Jerry’s on the way home….nice nice.

It felt good to see everyone again….and by the end of the weekend, I’m sure everyone will be tired of seein me.

I heard from Incog this morning, so that was cool. He’s doing fine and they’re about to make their travels today a little further north from where they are now. I hope things go smoothly..He seems like he’s doing pretty good though, which makes things a little lighter on my brain. Constantly in prayer….

Anywho, here’s my meme for the week…

Lasts…. (COMPLETED 9/09/2005)
Last cigarette: Never.
Last car ride: This morning…on the damn 405
Last good cry: Umm…few weeks ago.
Last library book: ACHA! COMEDY! …..2004…damn USC.
Last beverage drank: Water..Im on a diet, remember?
Last food consumed: Yogurt
Last phone call: From Incog…letting me know that he landed safely….^__^.Thank God…:pray:
Last time showered: Now. That’s what I’ll do after this.
Last shoes worn: Pink FlipFlops <3
Last cd played: 112
Last item bought: Some DVDs for a friend of mine.:surprised:
Last annoyance: SPAM!!!
Last disappointment: One of my fav. coworkers is leaving.. :pissed:
Last shirt worn: My Couture Freak shirt…
Last website visited: Pink-Baby
Last IM: Coley! LOVE YA!
Last song you sang: Ying Yang Twinz – Badd! I’m looking for a dime, that’s TOP O DA LINE! …Hey…i have to have SOMETHIN to rock to at the gym…:lol:
What color of underwear are you wearing? What underwear? HAHAH Kiddin…they’re pink…that is all..
What’s under your bed? Nothin…we keep it perty clean…

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I hope you guys have a great weekend…I’ll most definately have pictures from tonight, and tomorrow. SO STAY TUNED! :razz:
Stay Blessed…:pray: