Welp…as you know, I havent really been posting lately, with classes and work and LIFE goin on. Yesterday, I secured some Lion King Tickets for the Saturday before Christmas. :curtsey: I was so hurt last year, because by the time I went to get tickets, all the VIP and Regular Tickets were gone. :ouch: I decided to get on top of it this year. I’m pretty sure that we’ll have a great time. It’ll be a good Pre-Graduation gift to myself as well. :woohoo:

With the way things are going, I SHOULD be graduating in January. But you know, God says…”Make Plans, and I’ll show you what mine are”…so I’m trying to just let things be what they will be..in ALL aspects of my life. :sun:

I’ve still got until July 1 to fit into this dress for my cousin’s wedding. I purposely bought it a size smaller so that I would have some type of motivation. I can fit it, and it zips, but it’s still a little snug in places that I know that I need to work on…..more motivation. The next photos you see of me will be at the wedding, so hopefully, I’ll be looking and weighing in a little slimmer.

Welp, I hope that all is well with everyone. Continue to pray for me, as I for you….Stay Blessed!