I have to admit…Lipstick Jungle is the new hotness. I promise it is.

I love watching this show…it’s like an updated Sex in the City.  Very posh. Very modern.

I just love watching women portrayed in a driven and positive light. It’s super inspiring.

As you know, things have been pretty crazy for me the past few weeks, but I think we’re finally sinking into a routine. Somehow, while I havent managed to get to the gym in almost 3 weeks, I’ve still managed to lose 3 pounds. How the heck does that work? lol That is SO not a motivation to go to the gym.  I think it’s just a matter of actually waking up early, driving into the office and getting up and down and walking around the office all day.

It might also be these dang on Monster Lo-Carb Energy Drinks. These things are the business. *thumbs up*

And let me take a moment to mention that my new assistant is where it’s at. lol I don’t know how I’d get through the days without her. God.Sent.

Oh…how I miss you guys. I think I’ll actually go peruse some blogs now while I have a few minutes of downtime.

My mom will be driving down here on Saturday to see the new office and to go to lunch with us. yay. I’m excited for the weekend.

God’s really doing His thing on this side of the planet. He’s puttin in work.

Stay Blessed!